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 The FASCETS Neurobehavioral Model makes sense of challenging behaviors and offers tools to chart a new, more peaceful and effective course. Awareness of our own needs as caregivers and tools to increase resiliency are vital for this process. I specialize in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and work with other brain-based differences as well (e.g., sensory integration, autism, ADHD, TBI). I am a trained facilitator of the FASCETS Neurobehavioral Model and Program Director at FASCETS, inc.


My work with individuals is to come alongside with empathy,  curiosity, information and experience to help deepen awareness and explore creative responses. I am not a therapist or caseworker but a guide. 

I offer group work as well: trainings for caregivers, therapists, teachers, doctors, caseworkers and other professionals.

I am also available for professional consultation.

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