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Tinderbox Review: A Powerful Testimony

“. . . a powerful testament to the strength of faith and belief and the crucial role of support from loved ones. Lynn Alsup's Tinderbox provides valuable insights into cross-cultural adoption for parents considering this path. . . recommended for anyone interested in adoption, parenting, or seeking inspiration in the face of adversity. This narrative is a powerful reminder that anything is possible with courage, resilience, and love.

- Readers’ Favorite,
Five Star Review

Tinderbox Review: Sacred Gift

Tinderbox is a sacred gift: honest, vulnerable, humble, and hopeful. Whether your journey has included similar experiences to Lynn and her family or not, Tinderbox is a timely reminder of our shared humanity and our need to care for one another through both the challenges and celebrations of life. Lynn’s writing is compelling, authentic and inviting—I couldn’t put it down once I started. I highly recommend that you create space for this book to become a part of your journey; you will be inspired, challenged, informed, and uplifted.

- Rev. Sharon Seyfarth Gardner, author of Praying with Mandalas and founder of Belly of the Whale Spiritual Direction & Retreat Ministries

Tinderbox Review: 
Soul Wisdom and Love

Lynn Alsup is a gifted teacher and writer. She converts parenting challenges into soul wisdom and love, for herself and her girls. In Tinderbox she shares an inspiring story of family resiliency and equips the reader (through vital encouragement and resourcing) to surrender any illusion of how family life is ‘supposed’ to go and instead open to the breathtaking beauty of each child or family’s unique path to wholeness.

- Courtney Pinkerton, MDiv, MPP, certified coach and author of

The Flourish Formula: An Overachiever's Guide to Slowing Down & Accomplishing More

A Welcoming Space

Having been in a group led by Lynn for several months, I can think of no one else who is more successful at creating a contemplative and welcoming space. She is truly gifted!

- DeNicole L


A Steady Peace

Lynn has a wonderful calming presence.  She is able to help guide you into the space between with her grounding voice and the steady peace she carries about her.  I’ve been fortunate enough to sit in her presence in several modalities: contemplative prayer, walking meditation, and collage.  I’m looking forward to her book and the journey that led to the peace bringer I know and love today.


- Brenna L


Tinderbox Review: Courage and Candor

What emerges from the experience of reading Tinderbox is the vital importance of community, and the power of understanding as the foundation for acceptance and uncluttered love. I was struck by the depth of Lynn’s courage and candor—showing how theory may be translated into life.

- Diane V. Malbin, MSW,
author of Trying Differently Rather Than Harder and founder of FASCETS, Inc.

Tinderbox Review:
Openness and Grace

I LOVED this book! It’s a story that desperately needs to be heard. Lynn brilliantly captures two decades of her adoption journey. . . . With openness and grace, she shares her spiritual journey and hard-won wisdom. I recommend this book to families and mental health professionals struggling with children’s extreme behaviors.

- Julia D. Rivera, Esquire,

board director of Learning Disabilities Association Texas and

cofounder of TX FASD Network

Truly Compassionate

Lynn is a truly compassionate and wise human. Her knowledge about neuro-divergent people and neuro-diversity in general is broad.

I have had the pleasure of working with Lynn and watching her guide families who are facing challenges related to adoption and neuro-diversity. She is an expert in brain-based differences and specifically the FASCETS neurobehavioral model. Our community is better because of Lynn.

- Beth Desilets, LPC-S, RPT-S

Insight Counseling Center


Forever Grateful

Rarely do you get the gift of a companion in the most challenging parts of your life who helps you get curious as well as gaining some new skills that are immediately useful. Lynn is this rare companion and I am forever grateful.

- Jodi S

foster parent

Vancouver, BC, Canada

A Whole New World

- Just hearing Lynn's voice and being in her presence helps me slow down, breathe deeper and come into a space where I can HEAR, FEEL, SEE, TOUCH the Lover of my Soul.

- Lynn has opened up a whole new world for me in how to relate to, listen to, and EXPERIENCE God.  

- I have tended to relate to God in very linear, academic ways and realize how much I am a kinesthetic learner and need different, more creative ways to grow and ENJOY my relationship with the One who created me.


- Suzanne E


Tinderbox Review: Renewed My Hope

Tinderbox is the book I wish had been available three decades ago when I was contemplating adopting mixed-race children damaged by early trauma, radiant with resilience, requiring every ounce of resourcefulness I could gather. Reading Lynn and Jeff's story renewed my hope in the power of love to transform our deepest wounds, leading us into territories we might never have dared enter if we had known better!

- Mirabai Starr, author of Caravan of No Despair and Wild Mercy

Tinderbox Review: Thrived in Spite of it All

Tinderbox? No kidding. Lynn Alsup has gone through the fire of raising three adoptive kids in a multiracial family in middle America—and lived to tell about it. In this firecracker of a book, Alsup shares how she and her family have risen to challenges including neurodiversity, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and loss of faith—and thrived in spite of it all. This should be required reading for any parents facing similar challenges—or maybe for all parents!

- Sean W. Murphy,
National Endowment for the Arts Fellow and author of The Time of New Weather

Inspiring Meditations

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Lynn Alsup leading a weekly meditation class at a wellness/art studio near my work.  While working in a high stress corporate job I would make time to attend her lunch hour meditations.  Lynn's knowledge, tone, creativity and positivity would send me back to work refreshed and feeling I could conquer anything. I was so inspired by her meditations, I took an online mindfulness course so that I might in some way bring more mindfulness into my life.


- Patty G


Eye-Opening Training

Lynn’s neurodiversity training was so instrumental in understanding how children’s brains not only work, but strategies for helping them learn. It was so eye-opening and has made a tremendous difference in my work as an Educational Advocate.

- Angel P

Educational Advocate


Healing Journey

Working with Lynn was such a wonderful experience. Through our spiritual direction sessions I was able to continue my healing journey, and am forever grateful for the insights she brought to my life.


- Crystal M


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